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About us

At Cats 'n Clover we are dedicated to providing your cat/s with a warm, safe comfortable holiday whilst you do the same thing! Anything that we would want in a cattery for our own cats, we provide in our cattery for yours. Cleanliness, comfort and your cat's wellbeing and happiness are our main objective. Rest assured we are a cattery only: we do not board dogs, so your little friend will not be stressed out by barking canines!

Cats 'n Clover has been established since 2003, and current owners Renee and Kieran Winmill took over in November 2016. We live on-site, and the cattery is managed by Renee with part-time assistants, and extra helpers at holiday times.

We are located in a lovely quiet rural setting, easy to get to, as we are just four minutes north of both Flagstaff and Rototuna in Hamilton, and conveniently located on your way North or to the Coromandel. See our map on this website for directions.

All cats boarded with us have their OWN individual unit; and only cats from the same family may share a unit. We do not have any communal areas. Separate housing for temporarily boarded animals is recommended by AsureQuality.

There are five different types of units for you to choose from; 'Indoor', 'Deck', 'Garden-view', 'Studio'and 'Deluxe'. See 'Units/Gallery' for descriptions of these. In the Summer (from October to April) we also have 6 large 'Orchard' units - these are located in our house orchard, separate from the main cattery. They look out to a stream with trees, pungas, and pukekos! Very spacious with room for up to 3-4 cats per unit. We generally don't use these in Winter, however they are the perfect unit for the outdoorsy guests who hate being inside! Their sleeping platform is up high and screened off from the elements by a clear perspex wall.

We supply everything your cat will need, included in the daily price - we use quality Royal Canin biscuits, and we hold some other brands of supermarket biscuits also, just in case one of our furry pals won't eat 'the good stuff'!  Our guests are also offered wet food every morning - we supply Jimbos beef, or Chef/Whiskas jellimeat, casserole or fish canned foods. If your cat is on a special diet you are welcome to bring it along for us to feed to them. (But there is no discount for bringing own food).

We will also administer most medications for you; however insulin injections for diabetics will incur an extra charge of $1 per injection.

You may also bring in anything your cat would like from home, i.e own blanket, bed, toys, or even a piece of your clothing with your smell on it, sometimes this helps your cat to settle in more easily.

Our hours are:

Monday - Friday - 8am - 10am, and again from 4pm - 6pm

Saturdays - 8am - 10am only

Sundays - 4pm - 6pm only


VACCINATIONS:  All cats coming in MUST be vaccinated and de-sexed, and we will need to see your vet's confirmation of this:


For more information on these conditions, please ask your veterinarian